Josiah Schwab jwschwab at berkeley.edu
Mon May 30 13:44:26 EDT 2016

Hello Siddhant,

> I am planning to make a evolutionary software ( similar to MESA),
> which models the Habitable Zone around a star with time and other
> parameters. Can someone please suggest what all tools do I need to
> have and what all should I learn to make this kind of software which
> is similar to MESA. Please note that I am starting from scratch ( in
> the software part) so please tell me the basics needed too.

This isn't a well-posed question---for example, what does "similar" to
MESA mean?  Also, this list is not the appropriate place to seek support
for developing software that is independent of MESA.

To me, sounds like you are looking for a general introduction to
scientific computing.  I have seen the following book recommended:


Hope that helps,

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