[mesa-users] Removing Mass Convergence Issue ("fix v_center to hit piston_Rmin exactly")

Ryan Mckinven ryan.mckinven at mail.mcgill.ca
Thu May 26 22:38:21 EDT 2016

Hi mesa-users,

Operating system: Mac OS X El Capitan

Mesa version Number: 8118

I'm studying unstable carbon burning on an accreting neutron star using a modified version of the 'ns_c' test suite. I would like to modify mesa to remove mass from the bottom of the modelled outer. To this end, I've tried using the star_job control 'remove_initial_center_at_cell_k' to establish a threshold beyond which mass will be removed but I'm getting a convergence error,

"fix v_center to hit piston_Rmin exactly

stopping because of convergence problems dt < min_timestep_limit"

I've tried increasing 'min_timestep_limit' but get the same error. I was wondering if you have any advice on how to tackle this issue.

P.s. I should note that I have used alternative methods of removing mass from the bottom of the modelled envelope using controls like 'removing_center_by_mass_Msun' to no avail.

Best Regards,

Ryan Mckinven

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