[mesa-users] adaptive net species

Francis Timmes fxt44 at mac.com
Thu May 12 23:31:22 EDT 2016

hi amber,

take a peek at star/test_suite/adjust_net
essentially any baseline network will do, like mesa_49.net, 
and the network size will adapt according to the bounds set.


> On May 12, 2016, at 7:49 PM, amber lauer <alauer1 at lsu.edu> wrote:
> Hello all, long time no email. I'm trying to refresh my memory about the relationship between the adaptive net routine and the input reference files such as the .net files in that net_data folder. Specifically I'm running an adaptive network an certain S-process species aren't included along with the others I need, and I've looked at the existing nets and none suit my purpose. I looked in the usual places, summer school tutorials and the last instrument paper (although I may not have looked thoroughly enough). If someone can point me t o the relevant reference I'd appreciate it. Thanks.
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