[mesa-users] dlnRho_dlnT_const_Pgas, dlnRho_dlnPgas_const_T

Robert Farmer rjfarmer at asu.edu
Wed Jun 22 12:52:28 EDT 2016

Can i ask why you want those terms?

Whats happened is that mesa has an option to either use lnPgas (ln gas
pressure) or lnd (ln density) as a variable in the equations. By default we
use lnd, thus those dlnRho terms are not defined. Either you can set to

         !### change_lnPgas_flag
         !### change_initial_lnPgas_flag
         !### new_lnPgas_flag
         ! lnPgas variables
         ! `lnPgas_flag` is true if we are using lnPgas variables in place
of lnd

      change_lnPgas_flag = .false.
      change_initial_lnPgas_flag = .false.
      new_lnPgas_flag = .false.

In your stars inlist to switch to lnPgas, or if i know why you want those
terms i could suggest another set of d... terms that are useful for you.

Have a look in star/private/profile_getval and you'll see you need s%
lnPgas_flag to be true to get a value.


On Tue, Jun 21, 2016 at 6:30 PM, Martin C. <martincs14 at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi,
> In my profiles*.data files, for
> dlnRho_dlnT_const_Pgas    and
> dlnRho_dlnPgas_const_T
> I get just zeros.
> When I put
>          do k = 1,s% nz,30
>             print*,k, s% dlnRho_dlnT_const_Pgas(k)
>          end do
> in extras_finish_step, I get just NaN.
> Is this normal, or what don't I understand.
> I'm just using the 'default' star work folder,
> mesa 8118, ubuntu14
> thanks,
> Martin
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