[mesa-users] accretion_powered_irradiation

Bill Wolf wmwolf at physics.ucsb.edu
Mon Jun 13 20:39:33 EDT 2016

Hi Wen-Cong,

We can’t reproduce this without also having inlist1, and any model loaded by it (as well as your run_star_extras, if you edited that).

But from the output you’ve provided, it looks likes the solver is indeed struggling periodically amidst a sea of “max_increase”. I’m guessing this is the case based on the “hydro_newton_step failed to converge” and the other related retry about halfway down.

This can be a hard type of problem to diagnose. Make sure you are tracking the structure of your star with pgstar, because it may become clear to you what’s difficult for the star to deal with. If nothing jumps out at you there, you’ll have to go for full-blown hydro debugging tools I linked to earlier.

Neither of these give you a simple fix in the form of an inlist control or some hack in run_star_extras, but an understanding of the state of the star can inform new strategies for getting out of this retry limit cycle. For instance, problems very near the surface can be “ignored” by setting tau_factor to a sufficiently high number so that the problem is “outside the model”. Obviously this comes at some cost to the fidelity of your model, so experiment with caution.

Good luck!



William Wolf 
wmwolf at physics.ucsb.edu 

UCSB Department of Physics 

On June 11, 2016 at 10:22:52 AM, Chen WC (chenwc at pku.edu.cn) wrote:

Hi, Bill,
Thank you for your response.

My inlist_project file is as follows:

   inlist_names(1) = 'inlist1'
   inlist_names(2) = 'inlist2'

   evolve_both_stars = .false.

/ ! end of binary_job namelist


   m1 = 3.0d0  ! donor mass in Msun
   m2 = 1.4d0 ! companion mass in Msun
   initial_period_in_days =1.0d0

   fr = 0.05
   fr_limit = 1.0d-2

   limit_retention_by_mdot_edd = .true.
   accretion_powered_irradiation = .true.
   col_depth_for_eps_extra = 100.0
   accretor_radius_for_irrad =1.0d6
!   max_F_irr = 5.0d11

   use_other_jdot_mb = .true.
!   use_other_jdot_ml = .true.
   use_other_mdot_edd = .true.
!   keep_mb_on = .true.
   max_tries_to_achieve = 50
   mdot_scheme = 'Ritter'
/ ! end of binary_controls name list

Some output results in the terminal are as follows:

hydro_newton_step failed to converge
       retry cnt, step, log10(dt/yr), retry_factor     1  2737       -0.788149        0.500000
                   1                2737     2.216895761E+08     2.117224534E+00    -5.713074589E+00     6.755361544E-03        photos1/x700
                                               lg F_irr        2737    1.2698970004336019D+01
                   1                2738     2.216895765E+08     2.117223777E+00    -5.713074589E+00     6.749303810E-03        photos1/x700
                                               lg F_irr        2738    1.2698970004336019D+01
                   1                2739     2.216895770E+08     2.117222869E+00    -5.713074589E+00     6.752663357E-03        photos1/x700
                                               lg F_irr        2739    1.2698970004336019D+01
                   1                2740     2.216895775E+08     2.117221779E+00    -5.713074589E+00     6.763619824E-03        photos1/x700
                                               lg F_irr        2740    1.2698970004336019D+01
                   1                2741     2.216895782E+08     2.117220471E+00    -5.713074589E+00     6.776681402E-03        photos1/x700
                                               lg F_irr        2741    1.2698970004336019D+01
                   1                2742     2.216895790E+08     2.117218902E+00    -5.713074589E+00     6.785790596E-03        photos1/x700
                                               lg F_irr        2742    1.2698970004336019D+01
                   1                2742     2.216895790E+08     2.117218823E+00    -5.691885290E+00     6.706529261E-03        photos1/x700
                                               lg F_irr        2742    1.2698970004336019D+01
                   1                2742     2.216895790E+08     2.117218823E+00    -5.691885290E+00     6.776681402E-03        photos1/x700
hydro_newton_step returned ierr
       retry cnt, step, log10(dt/yr), retry_factor     1  2742       -0.693273        0.500000
                   1                2742     2.216895786E+08     2.117219686E+00    -5.713074589E+00     6.770370486E-03        photos1/x700
                                               lg F_irr        2742    1.2698970004336019D+01
                   1                2743     2.216895791E+08     2.117218745E+00    -5.713074589E+00     6.770294906E-03        photos1/x700
                                               lg F_irr        2743    1.2698970004336019D+01
                   1                2744     2.216895797E+08     2.117217615E+00    -5.713074589E+00     6.774228347E-03        photos1/x700
                                               lg F_irr        2744    1.2698970004336019D+01
                   1                2745     2.216895804E+08     2.117216259E+00    -5.713074589E+00     6.779083382E-03        photos1/x700
                                               lg F_irr        2745    1.2698970004336019D+01
                   1                2746     2.216895812E+08     2.117214632E+00    -5.713074589E+00     6.796953754E-03        photos1/x700
                                               lg F_irr        2746    1.2698970004336019D+01
                   1                2746     2.216895812E+08     2.117214551E+00    -5.691885290E+00     6.718226481E-03        photos1/x700
                                               lg F_irr        2746    1.2698970004336019D+01
                   1                2746     2.216895812E+08     2.117214593E+00    -5.702907945E+00     6.758997650E-03        photos1/x700
                                               lg F_irr        2746    1.2698970004336019D+01
                   1                2747     2.216895822E+08     2.117212595E+00    -5.702907945E+00     6.746944676E-03        photos1/x700
                                               lg F_irr        2747    1.2698970004336019D+01
                   1                2748     2.216895835E+08     2.117210196E+00    -5.702907945E+00     6.725341516E-03        photos1/x700
                                               lg F_irr        2748    1.2698970004336019D+01
                   1                2749     2.216895849E+08     2.117207318E+00    -5.702907945E+00     6.695434808E-03        photos1/x700
                                               lg F_irr        2749    1.2698970004336019D+01
                   1                2749     2.216895849E+08     2.117207455E+00    -5.724097244E+00     6.778111874E-03        photos1/x700
                                               lg F_irr        2749    1.2698970004336019D+01
                   1                2749     2.216895849E+08     2.117207390E+00    -5.713849448E+00     6.739682584E-03        photos1/x700
                                               lg F_irr        2749    1.2698970004336019D+01
                star               model                 age                mass             lg_mdot           (r-rl)/rl          last photo
                   1                2750     2.216895867E+08     2.117204022E+00    -5.713849448E+00     6.714233214E-03        photos1/x700
                                               lg F_irr        2750    1.2698970004336019D+01
       2750   7.343212  1.214E+04   0.969037   0.969037   2.117204   2.117204   0.289812   0.011725   0.280162   0.601416  -3.186960    904    567
   0.241207   1.727500   0.311526 -36.435469  -0.214368  -5.713849   0.000000   0.690597   0.001600   0.020000   0.378468   0.058189      4     49
 2.2169E+08  17.035797   1.912756 -14.750470   2.908839  -9.265046   0.000000   0.000076   0.002099  1.959E-02  2.012E-02  0.630E-04  max increase

save photos1/x750 for model 2750




在 2016年6月10日,下午6:20,Bill Wolf <wmwolf at physics.ucsb.edu> 写道:

Hi Chen,

Full inlists and model files would be helpful for us to reproduce this error.

My guess, though, is that you’re having periodic retries and/or backups. Often I’ll have a series of steps where the tilmestep is increasing as much as it can (max_increase) and then once it has gotten to some critical timestep size, the hydro solver struggles to converge and forces a retry, bringing the timesteps back down.

If this is a case, I have no simple solution for you, but you might try to use the hydro debugging tools to see what the physical situation is that is causing problems. See my guide over here: http://wmwolf.github.io/projects/mesa_debugging/ for an example of how to do this.

Bill Wolf

William Wolf 
wmwolf at physics.ucsb.edu 

UCSB Department of Physics 

On June 10, 2016 at 9:59:52 AM, Chen WC (chenwc at pku.edu.cn) wrote:

Dear All,
I use the “binary_donor_only_implicit_mdot” to calculate the evolution of an intermediate-mass X-ray binary including a 1.4 Msun NS and a 3.0 Msun donor star (with a solar composition),
and the initial orbital period is 1.0 day.

In calculation, I consider the irradiation process by X-ray luminosity of the NS. In the list_project:
accretion_powered_irradiation = .true.
col_depth_for_eps_extra = 100.0 ! g/cm^2
Other input parameters such as accretor_radius_for_irrd, max_F_irr were adopted to be default.

However, after the mass of the donor star decrease to be ~ 2.3-2.4 Msun, the calculation is very difficult to continue.
The timestep decrease to be <0.1 yr, and the terminal output  for timestep control displays “max increase”.

I would appreciate if someone can help me to solve this problem.


Chen Wen-Cong

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