[mesa-users] errors:failed in get_zams_model

杨涛只 yangtaozhi at xao.ac.cn
Thu Jun 9 13:37:19 EDT 2016


I want to use the ''pulse_gyre'' module to calculate the pulsation frequency to match my observe frequency,

but when I change the value of inztial_z in inlist_pulse, there always  errors as follows:

  read inlist_astero_search_controls
                                         version_number        8118
 read inlist_pulse
 done init_gyre
 search_type == use_first_values
 read inlist_pulse
 enter astero_extras_controls


 WARNING: requested initial_z does not match zams file initial_z.
                                    zams file initial_z    2.0000000000000000D-02
                                    requested initial_z    2.9999999999999999D-02


 failed in get_zams_model
 star_load_zams ierr          -1
 do_load1_star ierr          -1
 before_evolve_loop ierr          -1
DATE: 2016-06-10
TIME: 01:01:31

the original initial_z is 2.0000000000000000D-02, and no matter which value I set ,it work wrong

How can I solve this problem? Anyone can give me help?

Attachments are my inlist.




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