[mesa-users] WD Ingite Test inlist

Robert Farmer rjfarmer at asu.edu
Sun Jan 31 17:20:14 EST 2016

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In a sense yes its the inlist_project and the inlist_pgstar, If you look at
inlist_wd_ignite you'll see it has a star_job, controls and pgstar section
which is what is in other test_suites inlist_project and inlist_pgstar.
However there shouldn't be a inlist_project and inlist_pgstar file in the
wd_ignite test_suite folder.

In the wd_ignite test_suite folder there is a file called "inlist", which
should look like this:


      mesa_dir = '../../..'

      read_extra_star_job_inlist2 = .true.
      extra_star_job_inlist2_name = 'inlist_wd_ignite'

/ ! end of star_job namelist


      read_extra_controls_inlist1 = .true.
      extra_controls_inlist1_name = 'inlist_wd_ignite'

/ ! end of controls namelist


      read_extra_pgstar_inlist1 = .true.
      extra_pgstar_inlist1_name = 'inlist_wd_ignite'

/ ! end of pgstar namelist

Those lines extra_*_inlist_name tell mesa where to find the files which
contains the input parameters and for the wd_ignite case should point to
the inlist_wd_ignite file i sent.

However it sounds like you've been editing these files and they don;t work
now, perhaps it would be easier to re-download the mesa zip folder, unpack
that then copy the wd_ignite folder from the newly downloaded mesa into
your old mesa folder, so that you get a clean copy of the folder and then
things should just work.


On Sat, Jan 30, 2016 at 8:23 AM, Glasman, Noah B <NBG4 at pitt.edu> wrote:

> Is this the inlist_project and the inlist_pgstar? I tried to run it but I
> got the message
> Failed while trying to read control namelist file: inlist
> Perhaps the following runtime error message will help you find the problem.
> At line 447 of file ../private/star_job_ctrls_io.f90 (unit = 29, file =
> 'inlist')
> Fortran runtime error: Cannot match namelist object name ‘inlist_wd_ignite’
> Sincerely,
> Noah Glasman
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> *From:* Robert Farmer <rjfarmer at asu.edu>
> *Sent:* Monday, January 25, 2016 12:59 PM
> *To:* Glasman, Noah B
> *Cc:* mesa-users at lists.sourceforge.net group group
> *Subject:* Re: [mesa-users] WD Ingite Test inlist
> You probably don't want to download it from the sourceforge website as you
> may get a un-released mesa version of the file.
> The file should exist at
> $MESA_DIR/star/test_suite/wd_ignite/inlist_wd_ignite (as of version 7624)
> in a downloaded copy of mesa. I've also attached a copy for you.
> Rob
> On Mon, Jan 25, 2016 at 10:33 AM, Glasman, Noah B <NBG4 at pitt.edu> wrote:
>> I am looking for the test inlist for WD ignite on the sourceforge site
>> but I'm having trouble figuring out which inlist file it is.
>> Sincerely,
>> Noah Glasman
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