[mesa-users] Brunt-Vaisala frequency

Ying Qin Ying.Qin at unige.ch
Wed Jan 20 18:04:27 EST 2016

Dear all,

For a specific profile, how to obtain the (N^2/x^2)’_f ( derivative of the N^2/x^2 at the boundary of the convective core ), where x = r/R ( x = r(k)/r(1) ), N^2 is defined in the Eq. 4 of MESA Paper II.
I want to use this parameter and combine a model to calculate the tidal torque constant.

At first, I checked the profile_columns.list and find:
brunt_A ! = N^2*r/g
brunt_A_div_x2 ! x = r(k)/r(1)

It is very close to what I expect, but not yet!  In the definition of N^2 in Eq. 4 of MESA Paper 2, the term r/g has already been involved in N^2.
So can any expert tell me is there a direct way to get the term N^2/x^2, as well as the derivative of N^2/x^2 ?

Thank you in advance!

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