[mesa-users] MESA-Web Updates: Test Suites

Carl E. Fields cef at asu.edu
Mon Jan 18 16:26:11 EST 2016

Dear MESA Users,

A few updates regarding MESA-Web (mesa-web.asu.edu):

1) Test Suites!

Users can now download evolved MESA test suites with pgstar movies
demonstrating different astrophysical scenarios. We offer two test suites
now with many more to come.

2) Reaction Networks

Users can now specify from four different nuclear reaction networks.

3) Updated User Map

Thanks to all of those using MESA-Web in the classroom. We have evolved
over 600 jobs to over 150 users since June 1, see Updates section on the

As always please feel free to let us know how we may extend MESA-Web to
make it even easier to use in *your* classroom. Also, we are interested in
hearing about how MESA-Web has helped you since its fruition!

Contact us at: mesa - web - info (at) asu (dot) edu.


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