Bill Wolf wmwolf at physics.ucsb.edu
Mon Jan 11 13:33:21 EST 2016

HI Siddhant,

It looks like you gave a bad relative path. In your screenshot, you are already IN mesa-r7624, so the command would be

cp -r star/work testmesa

A couple things about this: First, it might be easier to just get used to referencing your mesa directory with the MESA_DIR environment variable that you have presumably already initialized, so the command would look like

cp -r $MESA_DIR/star/work testmesa

Secondly, I would recommend making such work directories OUTSIDE of the mesa installation so that it will stick around even if you upgrade to a newer version. 


Bill the Lesser
William Wolf
wmwolf at physics.ucsb.edu

UCSB Department of Physics

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