[mesa-users] Resolving core oscillation

Hurst, Travis J tjh47 at pitt.edu
Thu Feb 11 13:09:39 EST 2016


   I have introduced some extra energy transport in the core of a solar mass star.  During the RGB phase this extra transport induces thermal pulses and a small convective zone forms at the center.  In order to resolve these pulses MESA requires a timestep of order 100 years.  This means that the full RGB will require months to run.  Are there any timestep controls that might be useful here?

   I have also run into an issue when I get to model numbers over 10^6.  The photos for restarts are no longer saved correctly and if I do restart, my star will be where it was at 10^5 models instead of at 10^6 though the model number says it is model 10^6.


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