[mesa-users] mass change

amber lauer alauer1 at lsu.edu
Tue Dec 20 18:28:06 EST 2016

I wrote the list last year to discuss high mass change in order to mimic
accretion and just wanted to report on some recent results. Using a
15Msolar MS star, I was able to get a mass change of .05 Msolar/yr working
with the accrete_same_as_surface set to true, and this proceeded smoothly
for a total mass change of .5 solar masses (I didn't run it longer).
However, when I tried with a smaller 2Msolar star, I ran into the familiar
limit of 1d-4 as the highest working rate.

Amber Lauer. M.S. Physics
PhD Candidate,
Graduate School of Physics,
Louisiana State University
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