[mesa-users] A common stellar-structure myth

Alexander Heger alexander.heger at monash.edu
Tue Aug 30 20:12:25 EDT 2016

Dear Richard,

I just looked at two stars, admittedly Pop III stars, and those, middle of
H burn, pressure is 10x higher in 10 M_sun star compare to the 1 M_sun
star.  Both half way through H burn.

Maybe an interesting difference to Pop I.  And related to the shape of the
curve in Ibeling & Duligur (2013).

Never mind, gravitational acceleration is zero in the centre of both stars.


On 31 August 2016 at 09:56, RICHARD H D TOWNSEND <townsend at astro.wisc.edu>

> Hi Alex —
> In the context of an entry-level astronomy textbook, I think ‘gravity’ is
> intended to reference acceleration (which students have every-day
> experience of) rather than potential (which they don’t).
> Regarding pressures — as you can see from the plot below, the pressure at
> the center of the massive star is about 0.5 dex smaller than that at the
> center of the solar-mass star. So, comparing pressures doesn’t help here.
> Rich

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