[mesa-users] logQ_limit and the ZAHB

Bill Wolf wmwolf at physics.ucsb.edu
Mon Aug 29 19:44:23 EDT 2016

Hi Jeremy,

That’s a Tc-Rhoc history (tracks the core conditions through time), not the T-Rho profile (a snapshot of the entire star at one instant). Though if the star's path through the HR diagram and Tc-Rhoc both seem reasonable, it seems unlikely something in between is severely wonky.

Nevertheless, I second Josiah’s suggestion to run your models with TRho_Profile_win_flag = .true. and pgstar_flag = .true. to see how things are changing in your model.



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On August 24, 2016 at 6:54:55 AM, Jeremy Sakstein (jeremy.sakstein at port.ac.uk) wrote:

Hi All,

Apologies to drag this up a couple of weeks later, I've been off for a couple of weeks.

I took your advice but the T-rho plot (attached) looks very similar for both GR and the modified case.

Red is GR and blue is the modified case. I've run from the ZAMS until either HB_limit = 0.9 (GR) or the code crashes because of the logQ upper limit.

Any suggestions?



On 11 August 2016 at 15:15, Jeremy Sakstein <jeremy.sakstein at port.ac.uk> wrote:
Thanks guys,

I understand this a bit better now. The HR diagram looked the same but I didn't look at the T-Rho box too much so I will do that now and let you know what happens.

I set logQ to max but it still went over it for a small modification.



On 11 August 2016 at 15:08, Josiah Schwab <jwschwab at berkeley.edu> wrote:
Hi Jeremy,

> I can see how this is set in controls_default but what does this really
> mean? I am not sure what logQ is. What is so different from the standard
> case that the code needs to stop for this reason?

When trying to see the differences between two models, PGSTAR (or other)
plotting is key.  As Aaron explained, you have material nearing the edge
of the EOS tables.  I would bet that if you look at a plot like


in the standard and modified cases, you'll see pretty significant
differences in the structure.


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