[mesa-users] contradicting Kipp and mixing pgstar plots

Robert Farmer rjfarmer at asu.edu
Mon Aug 22 14:02:06 EDT 2016

So the best thing to do when debugging is too remove everything and
simplify the problem, than add things back slowly to see what changes.
Doing this shows me that the line which causes the issue is:


which is:
!### D_mix_ov_limit

            ! Overshooting shuts off when the exponential decay has dropped
the diffusion
            ! coefficient to this level.

Which you set in three places in your basic.inlist. MESA will use the last
one which is 0 thus overshoot never shuts off, so the Kip plot shows it out
to the edge. For, the mixing plot if you set the mixing_ymin to say -30 it
shows the overshoot extending outwards to the edge of the star.


On Mon, Aug 22, 2016 at 7:59 AM, Ehsan Moravveji <e.moravveji at gmail.com>

> Dear mesa-users, and pgstar lovers ;-)
> As a yet-another-fan, I have spent my morning looking at the “Kipp" and
> the “mixing” diagrams for a 12 Msun model with r.8845. The inlists are
> attached.
> The mixing diagram shows that the overshoot region stretches between ~3.5
> and 5 Msun in mass coordinate. However, the Kipp diagram shows that the
> overshoot (white-ish) region extends almost the whole way to the surface. I
> played around with several controls options, which I thought make some
> sense, but neither actually helped.
> So, can any of pgstar fans help me out understand this difference?
> Am I making any mistake in my inlists that give a conflicting Kipp?
> Best wishes,
> Ehsan.
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