[mesa-users] asking for some help about binary model

李蛟 lijiao08ji at 126.com
Thu Aug 11 22:03:04 EDT 2016

Dear Prof. Paxton and colleagues,

My name is Jiao Li. I am a PHD student of Yunnan observatories, Chinese Academy of Sciences. These days, I an trying to use the binary model of MESA to simulate the evolution of Symbiotic stars, which are interacting binary systems with longest orbital period ( > 1 yr). They are composed of an evolved cool giant (AGB or RGB) and an accreting hot, luminous companion (generally WD) surrounded by the dense ionized nebula.

So I used the test suite of 1M_pre_ms_to_wd of mesa-r7624 to create an RGB named RGB_1.72Msun_Teff3641.mod (M = 1.72 Msun, Teff = 3641K), and used the WD_0.60Msun_Tc_3e7_iniy.mod as WD ( M = 0.60 Msun, Tc = 3e7) which is created by Wolf et al. (2013), and downloaded from http://www.mesastar.org/results/hydrogen-burning-on-accreting-white-dwarfs-stability-recurrent-novae-and-the-post-nova-supersoft-phase/steadily-burning-models


 # inlist1 ------- is the evolution of  RGB

 # inlist2 ------- is the evolution of WD


When I run these model on mesa-r7624, it is stopped with the ‘Backtrace for this error:’

Backtrace for this error:

#0  0x10feadfc2

#1  0x10feae77e

#2  0x7fffa1b71529

#3  0x10f9eadcb

#4  0x10f9c922f

#5  0x10f9cc38a

#6  0x10f9cc04a

#7  0x10f9cc690

#8  0x10f9d5a0f

#9  0x10d054ebb

#10  0x10d065ce5

#11  0x10d0694a8

#12  0x10d069565

#13  0x10d08abf6

#14  0x10d08adef

#15  0x10d173b59

#16  0x10d187c7b

#17  0x10ce8cd07

#18  0x10ce756a1

#19  0x10ce756b7

#20  0x10ce756ef

./rn: line 8: 25801 Segmentation fault: 11  ./binary


When it was run on mesa-r8845, the code stop because of convergence problems dt < min_timestep_limit.


I have got this problem about a month, but still can not resolve it. Could you please give me some advices or help to overcome it?   

Attached include two compressed files work_r7624.zip and work_r8845.zip which are worked on the version 7624 and 8845, respectively. By the way, they are worked on OS X EI Capitan (10.11.5).

Thank you very much!


Best regards!

Jiao Li 

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