[mesa-users] Extending MESA

Aaron Dotter aaron.dotter at gmail.com
Thu Aug 11 15:59:38 EDT 2016

Hi Ebraheem,

Within the existing MESA output files, you can add abundance information to
all species in the network you're using by un-commenting any of these lines
in history_columns.list:

   ! the following add all of the isos that are in the current net

   ! add_center_abundances
   ! add_surface_abundances
   ! add_average_abundances
   ! add_log_center_abundances
   ! add_log_surface_abundances
   ! add_log_average_abundances

You can also use 'add_abundances' in profile_columns.list to include them
in the profiles.

I'd recommend doing this instead of writing your own files.  You can find
all the information you're writing in the history file.


On Thu, Aug 11, 2016 at 3:54 PM, Farag, Ebraheem Khaled <farag.11 at lanl.gov>

> Hello all,
>     I have been using an inlist extension in mesa by modifying the
> run_star_extras.f to use some of my wind routines for mass lass. While
> doing so, I decided that I wanted to output  the abundance of Li7 to a text
> file, which I am also outputting the mass, time, and Luminosity into:
> ----------------
> write(999,*) (((s% time/secyer)-4.0d7)/1.0d9), s%mstar, (Lsurf/lsol)
> --------------------------------
> My problem, is that I'm not sure what variable calls for Li7 abundance in
> the star. I've spent a good amount of time looking through
> Pgstar_abundance.f90, rates_def.f90, star_def.f90, and chem_def.f90...
> Still I'm unsure which name calls for this.
> Does anyone possibly know how to call for the abundance of Li7 in the star
> at each time step?
> Thanks,
> Ebraheem
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