[mesa-users] Extending MESA

Farag, Ebraheem Khaled farag.11 at lanl.gov
Thu Aug 11 15:54:40 EDT 2016

Hello all,

    I have been using an inlist extension in mesa by modifying the run_star_extras.f to use some of my wind routines for mass lass. While doing so, I decided that I wanted to output  the abundance of Li7 to a text file, which I am also outputting the mass, time, and Luminosity into:


write(999,*) (((s% time/secyer)-4.0d7)/1.0d9), s%mstar, (Lsurf/lsol)


My problem, is that I'm not sure what variable calls for Li7 abundance in the star. I've spent a good amount of time looking through Pgstar_abundance.f90, rates_def.f90, star_def.f90, and chem_def.f90... Still I'm unsure which name calls for this.

Does anyone possibly know how to call for the abundance of Li7 in the star at each time step?



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