[mesa-users] logQ_limit and the ZAHB

Jeremy Sakstein jeremy.sakstein at port.ac.uk
Thu Aug 11 04:35:50 EDT 2016

Hi Guys,

I'm trying to evolve stars of Z = 0.0001 from the pre-MS to the zahb, which
I do following some insists Bill sent me where I evolve to the ZAMS then to
the helium flash then to the ZAHB.

This works perfectly when I don't use any of my other mods but as soon as I
turn on even a small modification (my mods change the theory of gravity)
then either the code does not converge and the star stays near the helium
flash with an increasingly small time step or I get the error message:

stop because hit EOS limits -- max_logQ > logQ_limit

I can see how this is set in controls_default but what does this really
mean? I am not sure what logQ is. What is so different from the standard
case that the code needs to stop for this reason?

Is there anything to stop me raising the limit manually or is this sensible
thing to do

I should say I am using version 7623.


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