[mesa-users] Burning phase criterion II

Francis Timmes fxt44 at mac.com
Thu Aug 11 00:55:10 EDT 2016

dear wang,

1) consider exploring a standard graduate textbook, such as
   hansen, kawaler & trimble or kippenhahn & wiegert.

2) mull over the mesa instrument papers.

3) following along with the twelve videos at 


> On Aug 10, 2016, at 7:50 PM, Wang JT <wangjt151 at 163.com> wrote:
> Hello Pro
>    Thank you very much for your help.It's kind of you that let me know a lot of knowledge about the evolution in star and the burning in MESA. But I still have a question: there is a plot option about "Kippenhann" history of mixing, burning, and more" and "TRho -- history of central temperature vs. density" in MESA, which can help to analysis the burning phase in MESA, the question is that how to  analyze this problem?
>     As far as I know, we have to set  'burning_regions <integer>'  in  'history_columns.list'  if we want to analysis the burning phasse in Kipp. In this case,  there will be two types of data(i.e. 'burn_type_1' and 'burn_qtop_1') in history.data. Please tell me that if I want to analyze the burning phase by using the above datas, what should I do ?   
>     I hope for your help!
>     Thank you every much?
>     Best wish!
>                          Wang JT

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