[mesa-users] Shape of arrays

Corentin Cadiou corentin.cadiou at ens.fr
Wed Aug 10 16:42:31 EDT 2016


I am trying to add some extra columns to the output of MESA (kappa_T and
kappa_mu). I wrote the following piece of code:

 subroutine data_for_extra_profile_columns(id, id_extra, n, nz, names,
vals, ierr)
    use star_def, only: star_info, maxlen_profile_column_name
    use const_def, only: dp
    integer, intent(in) :: id, id_extra, n, nz
    character (len=maxlen_profile_column_name) :: names(n)
    real(dp) :: vals(nz,n)
    real(dp), allocatable :: logLambdaHHe(:)
    integer, intent(out) :: ierr
    type (star_info), pointer :: s
    integer :: k
    ierr = 0
    call star_ptr(id, s, ierr)
    if (ierr /= 0) return

    !note: do NOT add the extra names to profile_columns.list
    ! the profile_columns.list is only for the built-in profile column
    ! it must not include the new column names you are adding here.

    ! here is an example for adding a profile column
    !if (n /= 1) stop 'data_for_extra_profile_columns'
    !names(1) = 'beta'
    !do k = 1, nz
    !   vals(k,1) = s% Pgas(k)/s% P(k)
    !end do

    logLambdaHHe = -19.26d0 - 0.5d0*log(s%rho) + 1.5d0*log(s%T) &
         & - 0.5d0*log((s%X + 3d0)/2d0) - log(2d0)
    names(1) = 'kappa_T'
    vals(:, 1) = (16*boltz_sigma*s%T**3) / (3*s%opacity*s%rho**2*s%cp)
    names(2) = 'kappa_mu'
    vals(:, 2) = (15d0)/(16d0 * s%rho * logLambdaHHe) &
         &* sqrt(2d0*mp/(5*pi)) * (boltzm*s%T)**(5d0/2d0) / qe**4 &
         &* (3d0+s%X) / ((1d0+s%X)*(3d0+5d0*s%X)*(0.7d0 + 0.3d0*s%X))

  end subroutine data_for_extra_profile_columns

However, if I run it, the code crashes because the size of s%rho is not
s%nz (nb, s%nz == nz). Is there a reason for that?

Thank you,


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