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David Arnett wdarnett at gmail.com
Sun Aug 7 12:03:39 EDT 2016

Good point Pablo. We now have some 3D simulations which numerically resolve
composition jumps; they are not so steep as min_dq_for_xa = 1d-14. What
happens physically is that surface waves on the interface (driven by
convection) interact with each other, giving entrainment of matter from the
bounding stable layer. This gives a dynamic smearing of the interface. For
Ne entrainment during O+O burning, clouds of Ne20 descend into the O
burning convection zone, with enhancements of Ne at 1d-5 or so, for a
specific example. This is related to the boundary layer issue I mentioned
in my previous post. Details will probably vary for each specific
situation, as the smearing of the gradient depends upon both the vigor of
convection and the strength of the stable region boundary.

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