[mesa-users] Too much mesh points

David Arnett wdarnett at gmail.com
Sun Aug 7 11:46:35 EDT 2016

Hi Ehsan,

You are asking for more resolution than the physics in MESA can provide.
MESA is great, but it is only as good as the accepted science we give Bill
to implement. Mixing-length theory (MLT) fails at convective boundaries (it
is singular there, and as 3D simulations have shown a boundary layer
develops, for braking). None of this is in MLT, so we have to use various
patches to get over this embarrassment. Finer zoning does not capture
missing physics. I suspect that the default mesh would contain as much
correct information as the 3,000 mesh points you seek.

If you wish to do convective boundaries better, you must go beyond MLT.

David Arnett
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University of Arizona

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