[mesa-users] problem installing MESA

Josiah Schwab jwschwab at berkeley.edu
Fri Aug 5 12:49:21 EDT 2016

Hi Carlos,

Please continue to include mesa-users in your replies, so that our
conversation is publicly accessible.  This helps others who may
encounter the same issue in the future.

> First of all thank you very much for your quick reply. How I can know if
> these packages are installed? I need the following, right?
> *Binutils, Make, Perl, X11 library, Z library, C shell*
> I thought they were already included
> If I do not have it, what is the best way to install them?
> Sorry, I'm new and iliterate in this, but I'm very motivated and I really
> want to learn.

You should install these packages using your distribution's package
manager.  They are probably not installed by default.  Please refer to
your distribution's documentation for additional information on package

It looked like DistroAstro is an Ubuntu derivative, so I'm guessing you
can use apt-get and the "Ubuntu" package names listed on the MESA SDK

> Thanks a lot and greetings from Spain!

Greetings from foggy California!

Hope that helps,

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