[mesa-users] Too much mesh points

Ehsan Moravveji e.moravveji at gmail.com
Fri Aug 5 06:07:48 EDT 2016

Dear MESA users,

I would like to share an issue I’m facing (excessive number of mesh points), and ask for your inputs.

I’m setting up an inlist to compute models from 1.5 Msun to 35 Msun, for later seismic modelling. Life goes pretty happy in the “lower” end, while on the “upper” end, some of my models fail due to the number of mesh exceeding the limit max_allowed_nz=20,000. This happens after ~370 steps, when centre_h1~0.69. 
I have attached my inlist (v.8845) for a 35Msun model, with exponential overshoot f=0.04, and min_D_mix=1d9. This is an extreme case, I know; but, once this case is solved, the more relaxed cases will hopefully work too. 

The point is: if I stick to the default mesh adjustment, the evolution proceeds with ~950 mesh points, without buttlenecks. However, this is too poor resolution for calling GYRE afterwards. I need around 3,000 mesh points across my model. For that purpose, I customise the mesh distribution, and put quite some weight around the convective and overshooting boundaries. That is when the problems begin, as soon as the mu-gradient layers develop.

My “bucket list”, here, is slim: I “wish” experimenting with high mass models, including intensive mixing, and having reasonable number of mesh points.
Do you have suggestions how to reach that in one go?  ;-)

Best regards,
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