[mesa-users] Depth-dependent alpha

Ireland, Lewis lgi201 at exeter.ac.uk
Fri Apr 29 08:58:26 EDT 2016


I am currently using an other_mlt routine to modify the standard convection prescription.

I wish to set a value for alpha, i.e. mixing_length_alpha, which I will call alpha_0. Then I wish to run a model using a depth-dependent alpha in such a way that -> alpha(r) = alpha_0 * other stuff(r).

How can I take the mixing_length_alpha (alpha_0) parameter set in the inlist, and create a depth-dependent array of alpha values? My depth-dependent alpha will depend on gradT at each point, but I can see that in the Get_results subroutine, mixing_length_alpha is used multiple times before gradT is even calculated!



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