[mesa-users] Run binary in MESA

Wang JT wangjt151 at 163.com
Thu Apr 21 23:04:39 EDT 2016

Dear professer

I‘m so sorry for me, I'm forgot send my inlist files in before E-mail. so I add my inlist files  in the annex. I hope your help.
Thank you so much.

             Wang JT

At 2016-04-20 16:30:10, "Pablo Marchant" <pamarca at gmail.com> wrote:

Wang, for us to help you need to provide more detailed information. What system are you trying to run? At what point is it failing? You also need to provide the inlist files you used.

Am 20.04.2016 4:22 vorm. schrieb "Wang JT" <wangjt151 at 163.com>:

hi !
I'm run binary evolution in MESA-r8118. The cause of the given after the stop:
show opacity info
                                                logT =          287    1.0499288907951348D+01
                                              logRho =          287   -7.5443601716448157D+01
                                                   z =          287    1.9153401893156063D-02
                                                  xh =          287    1.5447410417106316D-01
                                                  xc =          287    1.2118488231067302D-04
                                                  xo =          287    4.0451537715784156D-04
                                            lnfree_e =          287   -1.0899551164631617D+02
                                   d_lnfree_e_dlnRho =          287    2.3635123426579395D+49
                                     d_lnfree_e_dlnT =          287    0.0000000000000000D+00
                                                abar =          287    2.7603808677443542D+00
                                                zbar =          287    1.5933941391258981D+00

                                                 rho =          287    3.6007940604038125D-76
                                               lnrho =          287   -1.7371531267407352D+02
                                                   T =          287    3.1571041415825439D+10
                                                 lnT =          287    2.4175506126486503D+01
                                              logKap =          287                       NaN
                                             opacity =          287                       NaN
                                         dlnkap_dlnd =          287                       NaN
                                         dlnkap_dlnT =          287                       NaN
                                      d_opacity_dlnd =          287    2.2989629644018187D-03
                                      d_opacity_dlnT =          287    8.3474270049726573D-01

                                         kap_frac_Type2         287    0.0000000000000000D+00
                                   extra_opacity_factor         287    1.0000000000000000D+00

STOP debug1: do_kap_for_cell
DATE: 2016-04-18
TIME: 23:58:08
But I do not analyze it stop reason, so you can help me?

                                              Wang JT


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