[mesa-users] WD models with low temperature

Héctor MR hector.mr at pitt.edu
Thu Apr 14 10:15:46 EDT 2016

  Hi Hailiang,

  I reported similar problems in the last two months, with analogous
(slightly modified) inlists:

  By using PGSTAR for debugging, Josiah Schwab and I finally discovered
that the problems had to do with an EOS blending in the atmosphere of the
WD along the cooling track. I would advice you to use this tool when
debugging in MESA, as well as to include more terminal output in your

  The only way around we have found is to change the optical depth via
set_tau_factor, as you have in here:
Why don't you give it a try? Also, unless you have a powerful reason to do
so, I would encourage you to use the last MESA version, given that the code
is constantly being improved (e.g. regarding these EOS issues I am talking

  Hope this helps.

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