[mesa-users] [GYRE] Interpretation of xi_r

Cyrus Zalian thebigkiwi2003 at yahoo.fr
Mon Apr 4 03:55:43 EDT 2016

Thank you very much for your answer Alfred.

If xi_r is the radial displacement function, does the 600 max value
obtained, correspond to an expansion of 600R* ?? From what I read
meanwhile, it looked like it does correspond to an arbitrary value.

Once again thank you very much for your help.

2016-04-03 16:36 GMT+02:00 <alfred at gautschy.ch>:

> Cyrus
> xi_r is the radial displacement function, a complex quantity (see appendix
> of GYRE method paper MNRS 435, 3406 (2013) or Unno et al. monograph,
> "Nonradial oscillations of stars" where the same definition of the
> quantities is used). As usual in physics, the real part of the quantity is
> interpreted as the "physical component".
> xi_r is *not* a relative perturbation, but of course you are free to
> define one, such as xi_r/r, which is frequently used in radial pulsation
> modeling. Finally,  you are free to choose the normalization of your
> solution, after all it's a linear problem. Frequently you find that the
> displacement at the surface is arbitrarily set to unity.
> Alfred
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