[mesa-users] Updated and new MESA helper tools

Bill Wolf wmwolf at physics.ucsb.edu
Fri Jan 30 20:29:10 EST 2015

Hi all,  

I have a few short announcements from the ruby/mesa code factory.

New Release: mesa_cli (absolutely no ruby knowledge necessary)  
First, I wanted to announce the first real release of my command line tool for mundane MESA tasks, mesa_cli (cli for command line interface). This is just a command you can use from the command line or in shell scripts to do various MESA tasks, including:

making a fresh work directory (complete with a pre-prepared MesaScript file, if you’d like)  
pointing your main “inlist” to other inlists (all the extra_inlist1_name business)
copying test suite work directories to a new location in a “de-test-suite-ified” form
instantly summon defaults files

More information and installation (which should be painless) at the github page at github.com/wmwolf/mesa_cli  

Update: MesaScript and MesaReader  
Also, for previous users of my lazyware, I’ve updated MesaScript and MesaReader slightly, fixing some bugs and standardizing some name convections. MesaReader is now a module instead of a pile of raw classes, and they follow a more consistent capitalization scheme. MesaScript can now handle multi-dimensional arrays, most notably for setting text box settings for pgstar. Fair warning: the new MesaReader will break old scripts (due to its being a module and having slightly different names), but since it is named differently, the old and new versions can be used simultaneously without conflict.

Easier Installation!  
Most delightfully, all three of these are now available from Rubygems, so installing them is as easy as entering

gem install mesa_cli  
gem install mesa_reader
gem install mesa_script

(Some sudo’s may be required.) If you manually installed a previous version of MesaScript, you’ll probably need to remove that installation.  

Moving Forward  
I have been playing with these a fair bit these last few weeks in doing my day-to-day work, but there are bound to be bugs. If you find any or have any suggestions (the command line tool is probably ripe for enhancements), please let me know or fork off any of the repos yourself:


I hope some of you get some utility out of these tools, and thanks to those who have helped me iron out bugs already!  



William Wolf
wmwolf at physics.ucsb.edu

UCSB Department of Physics 
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