[mesa-users] sigsegv

Amber Lauer alauer1 at tigers.lsu.edu
Wed Jan 21 00:40:27 EST 2015

I returned from vacation having left a working install. Before my departure
I was attempting to run a previously compiled star executable from a
colleague's model and the accompanying inlists. I was running into a
version error, but it ran. Now it no longer runs, and I get this:

forrtl: severe (174): SIGSEGV, segmentation fault occurred
Image              PC                Routine            Line        Source

star_wd3           0000000000B6174C  utils_dict_mp_do_         265
star_wd3           0000000000B5F93B  utils_lib_mp_inte         754
star_wd3           0000000000A494B7  chem_isos_io_mp_d         111
star_wd3           0000000000A44DA8  chem_lib_mp_chem_          43
star_wd3           0000000000439288  star_private_def_        1383
star_wd3           000000000056563F  init_mp_do_star_i          77  init.f
star_wd3           0000000000408E5C  star_lib_mp_star_          55
star_wd3           0000000000424CF2  run_star_support_        1790
star_wd3           0000000000413472  run_star_support_        1920
star_wd3           0000000000406A5B  run_star_mp_do_ru          15
star_wd3           0000000000406B4E  MAIN__                     13  run.f
star_wd3           0000000000405CDC  Unknown               Unknown  Unknown
libc.so.6          00007FCEB6D8CEC5  Unknown               Unknown  Unknown
star_wd3           0000000000405BD9  Unknown               Unknown  Unknown

I traced the lines referred to, the first has ierr =0 and the rest refer to
ierr or call it as a variable.

Amber Lauer. M.S. Physics
PhD Student,
Graduate School of Physics,
Louisiana State University
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