[mesa-users] Question about saving and using png/ps plots

Willie Strickland cwskas at gmail.com
Fri Feb 27 05:37:43 EST 2015

I routinely use the following lines in the &star_job section of the inlist

  ! plot or not
    pgstar_flag = .true.
    save_pgstar_files_when_terminate = .true.

As has been mentioned, setting pgstar_flag = .false. will stop all output of onscreen plots.  I needed this setting when using a mesa installation on a remote supercomputer.  For some reason we could get pgstar to write out files to disk, but that particular installation would fail when trying to display live pgstar output.  It suited my needs to just display live output, so we did not troubleshoot the problem.

I like to save a set of plots routinely at the end of a run whether displaying them or not.  So with the above 2 settings both to true, and the following lines in my inlist_pgstar file, mesa will save up to five different final plots in the png directory when the run finishes.  I get an error if I try to save more than 5.

         HR_file_flag = .true.
         HR_file_cnt = 100000 ! set to large number to just save the last file
         TRho_Profile_file_flag = .true.
         TRho_Profile_file_cnt = 100000 ! set to large number to just save the last file
!         Grid1_file_flag = .true.
!         Grid1_file_cnt = 100000 ! set to large number to just save the last file
         Grid6_win_flag = .true.
         Grid6_file_flag = .true.
         Grid6_file_cnt = 100000 ! set to large number to just save the last file
	 Kipp_file_flag = .true.
         Kipp_file_cnt = 100000 ! set to large number to just save the last file
         Abundance_file_flag = .true.
         Abundance_file_cnt = 100000 ! set to large number to just save the last file

This allows me to review the end state after a run is finished or perhaps when going back to review the results of a previous run.


> On Feb 26, 2015, at 1:24 PM, Michal Simon <michal.simon at stonybrook.edu> wrote:
> First, thanks to the several good souls who replied, and replied quickly,
>  to my question about disabling PGPLOTs for remote logins.  Your advice 
> worked fine.  I have yet to try Bill Paxton's suggestion.  I'll have to ask 
> Max Katz, our local MESA black belt, for advice with that.
> I am having MESA calculate PMS evolutionary tracks and display them as H-R
> diagrams.   When I do look at the nifty plots on the terminal screen, after MESA
> finishes - say bcz it has reached my age upper limit - the plots disappear, poof.
> It would be nice to save the last plot displayed  bcz it shows the entire .track.
> As it is, I plot the tracks in IDL using the results written into the history.data file.
> But, in an attempt to save the on screen plots, I redirected the output of ./rn into
> a file.  That wrote *.png and *ps files in the subdirectory png.  Sadly, these plot
> look nothing like the onscreen plots.  I attach png and ps samples.   What
> should I do to have the tracks saved and displayed properly?
> BTW, as a less important thing, in the results written into history.data appear
> as double precision values to 16 decimal places.  Obviously I do not need that
> precision.  I would like to write values to say only 6 places.  I have tried to
> accomplish in several places in the defaults directory where it seemed like
> the user had the freedom of choice of format, but none of that changed my
> history.data output.  How can I accomplish writing the numerical results more
> compactly?
> Cheers and thanks in advance, Mike Simon
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