[mesa-users] Power in erg/s for specific nuclear reactions (not categories!)

Francis Timmes fxt44 at mac.com
Thu Feb 26 23:37:27 EST 2015

> I thought this was the best way to check that the reactions were actually implemented by MESA. 

if your goal is to check that the reactions are present and operating, 
then using flags bill suggested 

show_net_species_info = .true.
show_net_reactions_info = .true.
list_net_reactions = .true.

is the way to go. 

if you want to see the effect in the abundances from adding isotopes, 
do two runs, one with the isotope, one without the isotope, and compare 
the resulting abundance profiles.

if you want to see the effect in the abundances from changing reaction rates, 
this is easily done though inlist settings or by providing rate tables 
(see thread on this topic from about a week ago), doing two runs and 
comparing the abundance profiles.

if you want the erg/s for individual reaction sequences, then you must 
identify specific terms among several right-hand-sides of the abundance 
evolution equations, and sum these terms while essentially applying e = mc^2.
this will take you deep into the net module. storing these erg/s terms so 
they can be used in the profile or history files offers you an adventurous
learning experience into mesa’s architecture. do these and you will be a mesa black belt!


> On Feb 26, 2015, at 7:22 PM, Héctor MR <HEM52 at pitt.edu> wrote:
>   Hi Bill,
>   Thanks for your reply! Actually, I have added several reactions to my net, therefore I am interested, as you mention, in concrete nuclear reactions (their power in erg/s along time, their effect in the abundances,...). I will ask Frank Timmes, thanks for the advice!
>   Best regards,
>   --
>   Héctor
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