[mesa-users] Is it possible to disable PGPLOT? Easily and gracefully?

Bill Paxton paxton at kitp.ucsb.edu
Wed Feb 25 16:13:26 EST 2015

Hi Mike,

I use my Mac laptop from home as an expensive terminal to access my large Mac at work by using screen sharing instead of messing with remote X windows.

Except for occasional slow internet connections, it is wonderful.  You continue to run with PGPLOT using the remote screen as seen locally rather than trying to get X windows to forward commands from the work machine to your local X windows.   much, much simpler.


On Feb 25, 2015, at 10:25 AM, Michal Simon wrote:

> I am happily running MESA on both my office iMax (OS X, Ver 10.8.5) and my MacBook Air (OS X Ver 10.6.8).  My calculated models run much faster on the
> iMac than on the MaCBook.  Hence I would like to run MESA on the iMac remotely
> by logging in from home on the MacBook.
> When I do try to accomplish that I get a msg on the MacBook the his of which
> is PGPLOT cannot connect to the X server and the MESA calculation on the
> iMac stops.  I know from conservations w colleagues that this is an ongoing 
> problem w Apple's OS's and may not be solvable by someone of limited 
> computer skills like me.
> The on-screen plots produced by MESA are of course educational, fun, and
>  valuable, BUT since I later on replot the results anyway, I don't don't need 
> to see plots generated by the remote machine. Is there an easy way to disable 
> the PGPLOT graphics and thereby have MESA run?  I suppose the easiest way 
> could be to disable something in inlist_pgstar.
> I'll greatly appreciate advice!
> Mike Simon
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