[mesa-users] mesa_45.net

Choi, Jieun jieun.choi at cfa.harvard.edu
Mon Feb 2 22:39:41 EST 2015

Hi everyone,

Bill and Frank helped me create a customized net for my research, and we
all thought it'd be good to share this since some of you might also be

mesa_45.net is a "soft" net ("soft" meaning the net module automatically
adds all the relevant reactions) consisting of 45 isotopes up to S32,
including neutrons. It covers the essentials for everything up to T < 3e9
K, from pp chains, cold/hot CNO, triple-alpha, alpha-captures, NeNa/MgAl
cycles, to C/O burn.

We advocate mesa_45.net as the new standard for those who want the most
complete coverage up through C/O burn. The new net is attached in case some
of you don't want to wait for the next MESA release!

You can further customize this by adding any "inert" isotopes via
add_isos(), e.g., for tracking surface iron abundance due to diffusion.

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