[mesa-users] Suggestions on GYRE parameters

Cyrus Zalian thebigkiwi2003 at yahoo.fr
Sun Dec 27 21:46:43 EST 2015

Thanks a lot for your answer.

So if I'm right I should have a freq_min of about 40 and thus a freq_max of
160 (taking an average mass of 0.7 solar mass and a d radius of 4-6). I'll
look at the results for l=0 p modes and I will surely come again for new
questions (sorry).

Until then, thank you again !

2015-12-27 11:13 GMT+01:00 <alfred at gautschy.ch>:

> Cyrus,
> Disclaimer: I am not a specialist in GYRE matters.
> Anyway there are some general rules to follow, which might help you to
> quickly gain expertise in GYRE.
> (Just as any teacher advices:) Go from simple to complex: In your
> case, stay with l=0 modes to start with. Once, you know your way
> around there, go to l<>0 p-modes, finally g-modes. (The nonradial
> modes will be mixed anyway in giants.)
> Radial modes, being p-modes have a fairly simple mode spectrum.
> Expressed in units of the free-fall frequency of the star (i.e. the
> inverse of the free-fall time of the star) they live upstream of
> roughly omega/omega_free-fall = 1, subsequent overtones are separated
> by roughly equal delta_omega < 1  (N.B. your freqs are likely the
> usual nu == omega/2pi). Hence, if you look for the fundamental mode
> and the first two overtones, it should be sufficient to scan the region
>                                1 < omega/omega_free-fall < 3 - 4
> The number of frequency points for the scan of the determinant
> function does not need to be high, since - as mentioned before - the
> mode spectrum is well ordered and simple: n_freq = 50 should be fine
> to start with (however, if your CPU is strong enough, you can also
> heat it up by requesting more frequency points). The grid_type should
> not matter much (but you can check this by changing the settings once
> you found solutions with 'LINEAR'), the eigenfunctions are smooth and
> well behaved.
> Once you feel confident with radial modes, then step up to nonradial
> ones, the mode spectrum is busier there, but still not frighingly so
> for HB stars.
>        Good luck, Alfred
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