[mesa-users] Suggestions on GYRE parameters

Cyrus Zalian thebigkiwi2003 at yahoo.fr
Sat Dec 26 11:29:25 EST 2015

Hi to everyone,

I'm studying RR Lyrae type stars. What I did was to compute a whole bunch
of different models from preMS to the end of the HB with different masses
and metallicities. Now, I want to study the oscillations properties of this
models using GYRE. As I want to spot RR Lyrae stars, I'm only selecting
models on the HB. I've saved a GYRE model for every 5 steps.

The thing is that I am still in the process of understanding
asteroseismology and I'm not sure of my parameters : from what I know RR
Lyrae stars period are between 0.2 and 1.2 days so this is what I've put in
my gyre.in file :

l = 0
grid_type = 'LINEAR'
freq_units = 'UHZ'
freq_min = 10
freq_max = 58
n_freq = 240
Here are my interrogations :

l = 0 : From what I understood non radial modes are not relevant for RR
Lyrae stars so I should stick to l=0 (at least at the beginning, might be
intersting to look at non radial modes after)
grid_type = 'LINEAR' : same as above, for RR Lyrae stars only p mode are
relevant (but I would also like to look for g modes personnaly)
freq min and max : I've put here the 0.2-1.2 days period, but I'm not sure
it's a good idea, and this is due to my lack of knowledge (up to know I
just dealt with photometric analysis of light curve)
n_freq : if I'm correct, in the 'LINEAR' case it will divide the 10-58 UHz
interval in 240 frequencies. In that case I have a 0.2 UHz difference. Is
is ok, to precise, not enough precise (I've often seen the value 50...but I
though it would not be precise enough) ?
So if anyone could help me with answers or relevant papers, I would be more
than grateful (I went through the summer school 2012/2013 papers, which
were very good, especially the 2013 Thoul's talk, but couldn't find what I
was looking for).

Thanking you all in advance.
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