[mesa-users] MESA_INLIST and clusters

Cyrus Zalian thebigkiwi2003 at yahoo.fr
Sun Dec 13 08:11:35 EST 2015

Thank you for your answer,

Ok, so I'm stuck, and I have no idea why it's not working. Here is the
error message :

*Failed to open control namelist file inlistierr from read_star_job inlist*
Here is the bash file used :

*#!/bin/bash##OAR -n mesaMass#OAR --notify  mail:cyrus.zalian at oca.eu
<mail%3Acyrus.zalian at oca.eu>echo "mon hostname : " `hostname`echo
$OAR_ARRAY_INDEX"export MESASDK_ROOT=/home/zalian/mesasdksource
MESA_DIR=/home/zalian/mesa-r7624export OMP_NUM_THREADS=1export
MESA_RUN="/home/zalian/xstudy/cluster/Z0.0001"#CD to foldercd
$MESA_RUN/$OAR_ARRAY_INDEXecho -n processing $OAR_ARRAY_INDEX ...#Run
MESA$MESA_BASE/starecho ..done*

And finally here is the file directory :

*[zalian at hal cluster]$ pwd;ls -R/home/zalian/xstudy/cluster.:base
cluster.oar  OAR.mesaMass.9029.stderr  OAR.mesaMass.9029.stdout
Z0.0001./base:clean    history_columns.list  inlist_1  inlist_project
LOGS  mk      png                   re      restart_photo  script
stargyre.in <http://gyre.in>  inlist                inlist_2
inlist_re2      make  photos  profile_columns.list  README  rn
src./base/LOGS:./base/make:makefile  run.o  run_star_extras.mod
run_star_extras.o  run_star.mod
run_star_extras.f./Z0.0001:1  2  3  4  5  6
Thanking you all in advance for your help.

2015-12-13 12:04 GMT+01:00 Robert Farmer <rjfarmer at asu.edu>:

> It does work as long as you have a mesa version > 6995
> Rob
> On Dec 13, 2015 10:27, "Cyrus Zalian" <thebigkiwi2003 at yahoo.fr> wrote:
>> Hello to everybody,
>> I'm trying to run mesa on clusters following the instructions I've found
>> in :
>> http://mesastar.org/tools-utilities/mesa-on-clusters/structuring-inlists-for-running-many-mesa-models
>> The problem is that I keep on receving a error message saying that there
>> is no inlist file. So, first of all, I was wondering if the MESA_INLIST
>> variable works.
>> Thanking you in advance.
>> Cyrus.
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