[mesa-users] Eddington Limit

Kenny Van kvan at ualberta.ca
Mon Dec 7 14:33:04 EST 2015


I was going through the code to try and set a different maximum mdot_edd
and I noticed inside of binary_mdot.f90 that mdot_edd seems to be defined

if (.not. b% use_es_opacity_for_mdot_edd) then
            mdot_edd = 4*pi*b% s1% cgrav(1)*b% m(b% a_i)/(clight*b% s1%
            mdot_edd = 4*pi*b% s1% cgrav(1)*b% m(b% a_i)/(clight*0.2*(1+b%
s1% surface_h1))

Which seem to correspond to:

Mdot = 4 pi G M / (c K)


Mdot = 4 pi G M / (c (1 + X))

Is this equivalent to the normal representation of

Mdot = 4 pi c R / K?

While the units appear to match, I would assume that the two are not
necessarily equivalent. Unless I'm misunderstanding the code here. Does
anyone have some insight to this?

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