[mesa-users] D burning

Michal Simon michal.simon at stonybrook.edu
Fri Dec 4 12:20:03 EST 2015

Hi Aaron and Dave,

Dave:  I think it's not time yet to call in the heavy artillery.  I hope to
up my history.data file first.

Aaron: I added to history_columns.list

This produces the abundances of h, h2, he3.....and lots more.  How
can I limit it to show only the 2 or 3 species I'm interested in, h, h2,
and maybe he4?

Nonetheless, looking at the history.data file with all the mess of
line-wraps reveals something very weird for the first few models
but then what makes sense to me at ages > few X 10^5 yrs.

The earliest models have h abundance 0.7 (fine!) but h2 abundance
7 X 10^-7  (where did this come from???)  At model about 76
the h2 abundance abruptly changes to 3.8X10^-5  which does
make sense allowing for the fact that these are mass fractions
but why the abrupt change???  As the central temp approaches
10^6, around model 337, the h2 starts to decrease and has
disappeared to nothingness around Tcenter = 10^6.

So I think my happiness would be complete if I could generate
a history.data with a limited number of isotopes shown.

By the way, trying to emulate the burn_isotope commands,
I tried burn_h2, but sadly that's not allowed.

I'm attaching the history.data file for a 0.5Msun models

Cheers, Mike

On Thu, Dec 3, 2015 at 8:33 PM, David Arnett <wdarnett at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi Michal and Aaron,
> It is easy to do some TYCHO checks of this; when, after you have followed
> Aaron's suggestions, you have some data, I will do some runs and coordinate
> with Bill to make sure we have consistency.
> Dave
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> David Arnett
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> Steward Observatory
> University of Arizona
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