[mesa-users] Deuterium burning in PMS stars

Michal Simon michal.simon at stonybrook.edu
Thu Dec 3 17:13:01 EST 2015

Dear colleagues,

Jayashree Toraskar, a colleague at the American Museum
of Natural History, and I have been using MESA to calculate
the evolutionary tracks of low-mass young stars.   For us
low-mass means mostly 0.1 to 1.5 Msun and young means
mostly from age 0.1 MY to 10-50 MY.  I don't want to face the
complicationsof brown dwarfs and leave evolution off the MS sequence to the

I would like to identify the age when deuterium burning starts.
Here I mean as given by MESA's way of computing age from
the start of the star's collapse.

In analogy with a history.list column for
I thought that
would provide the information, but sadly that is not an allowed

If worst comes to worst I could identify the age of D-burning onset
by monitoring the temperature at the center but there must be
a more accurate way of doing it.  We would appreciate any
help you can give us.

BTW, we have enabled
                             change_initial_net = true   and

and can monitor the Li7 abundance just fine.

Cheers, Mike Simon
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