[mesa-users] Horizontal Branch in 1M_pre_ms_to_wd

Félix Blais felix.blais.duff at gmail.com
Thu Dec 3 16:11:26 EST 2015

These are my inlists :

 initial_mass = 1.0
 initial_z = 0.00d0

 RGB_wind_scheme = 'Reimers'
 AGB_wind_scheme = 'Blocker'
 RGB_to_AGB_wind_switch = 1d-4
 Reimers_wind_eta = 0.7d0
 Blocker_wind_eta = 0.7d0

I've done this for 1.0Mass, 1.2, 1.4, 1.6 and 1.8 at z= 0.00 withe these
parameters and i got the picture i sent you

I did the same thing with z= 0.01 and there is a big difference iin the HB.
Is a high value of Reimers_wind_eta will get high mass loss? and what is
the difference between 0.01 and 0.01d0?

Thank you

2015-12-03 14:02 GMT-05:00 Pavel Denisenkov <pavel.denisenkov at gmail.com>:

> Hi Felix,
> only stars with HB masses less than 0.6-0.65 Msun will arrive at the blue
> part of the HB.
> If you begin with 0.8 Msun, you have to use Reimers mass-loss eta
> parameter of 0.5 for the star to loose a sufficient amount of mass on the
> RGB to arrive at the blue HB. Stars with a high Z tend to arrive at a
> redder HB.
> Stars with masses in excess of 1 Msun usually end up on the red HB too
> because there is too much mass to loose for them to become blue HB stars.
> Pavel
> On Thu, Dec 3, 2015 at 6:54 AM, Félix Blais <felix.blais.duff at gmail.com>
> wrote:
>> Hello, I am using the 1M_pre_ms_to_wd/ to check the evolution of stars
>> depending on their metallicity (z) and Mass (M), and i wanted to check the
>> position of stars on the horizontal branch depending on their metallicity.
>> In my simulation, it seems that i can't get to the blue horizontal branch.
>> All my models (from 0.8M(solar) and z=0.00 to 1.8M and z=0.04) barely reach
>> the red horizontal branch.
>> Can someone explain to me why i don't have any models reaching the
>> horizontal branch to extended temperature?
>> Is it because it's not massive enough?
>> Thank you
>> Félix B.
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