[mesa-users] Running Loops of Gyre

Josiah Schwab jwschwab at berkeley.edu
Mon Apr 13 18:59:38 EDT 2015

Hi Cyrus,

> Following the tutorial, we have to run manually GYRE for each profile :
> really time consumming for my 500 profile...then I lokked at the updated
> version of the tar file at the end of the tutorial, and here is the syntax
> : file = '{profile}.GYRE'
> I thought that it would be clever enough to look for all files including
> the "profile.GYRE" type namefile and run until it went trough all of them.

That tarball provides a nice example of how to do exactly what you want.

I recommend looking at it more carefully, in particular the part of the
make_plot.py script prefaced with the comment "Run over all profiles".


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