[mesa-users] discontinuity when restarting MESA

Richard Townsend townsend at astro.wisc.edu
Mon Apr 6 21:17:04 EDT 2015

Hi JC —

We’ll have to see your inlist_astero_search_controls as well — many of the values specified there will override those specified in inlist_solar.



> On Apr 6, 2015, at 8:07 PM, Jean-Claude Passy <jcpassy at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi all,
> I have been encountering a strange behavior when using MESA in restart mode.
> I first ran the solar calibration model with a set of values and turn on search_type = ‘use_first_values’. The target is reached for model number 958, and gives the evolution represented by the blue line in the figures below (history.data file attached). 
> Then I restart the runs at cycles 956 or 957 with the same inlist and let it evolve for one timestep only. I obtain the figures below, which show a significant increase in the two quantities I chose to plot (effective temperature and luminosity). I did that using *.mod files but I found the same behavior with the photos. 
> I am a little bit perplexe since the combo (inlist + mod file) seems to contain all the information necessary to provide a correct restart, even the next timestep calculated by the first run. 
> Before digging up more, I wanted to ask: has anyone already experienced this behavior and/or has an idea of what might be going on?
> Cheers,
> JC
> PS: I am using Mesa r7503, OSX 10.9.5 with MESA SDK.
> <1_history.data><inlist_solar><956.mod><957.mod><fig1.eps><fig2.eps>
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