[mesa-users] Accessing profile data from run_stars_extra.f

Robert FARMER rjfarmer at asu.edu
Fri Sep 12 14:55:50 EDT 2014

So i'm seeing if anyone else has ran into this/found a solution before i
start hacking mesa to do it.

I want to access certain values that normally get stored in a profile file
from run_stars_extra.f.

So for my use case on a cluster we make too much information if we write
out a profile file at the temporal resolution we need. So the plan is too
work out what we actually want from the profile file, which is
some_interesting_quantity(interesting_cell) ie we don't need the whole
profile just a profile variable at 1 cell, at which point we can then
insert that into the history file as an extra column and thus not write out
the whole profile file to get 1 number.

Thats all fine and works, and so far i've only needed variables that are
accessible from the s pointer, but now i need some quantities that mesa
per-processes before outputting to the profile file. In this case i want
L_rad, which has a function get_L_rad in star/private/star_utils.f. I could
hack run_stars to include that file and call get_L_rad myself, but them i'm
mixing the public/private code up.

It looks like all i need to do is create a public interface to
getval_for_profiles.f? Any other ideas before i start?

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