[mesa-users] new release -- mesa 7184

Bill Paxton paxton at kitp.ucsb.edu
Wed Oct 22 12:53:39 EDT 2014


I've been working on adding hydrodynamics with shocks to mesa/star.  It isn't yet ready for general use, so I won't go into details in this release message.  But just so you know, we're making good progress.

Thanks to Rich, we've now updated mesa to GYRE 3.2.2.

Joris Vos is now working with Pablo on binaries.

Josiah continues to improve the documentation and the website.

Rob Farmer is working on improving the general sanity of the code as well as pushing the exploration of mesa on the Intel Xeon Phi coprocessor with 200+ hardware threads.   plus thanks to Rob we now have mesa on windows!  ask him for details if you are a potential windows user.


Here's a partial list of the changes since the last release (6794, back in July).  

change "thermo_haline" to "thermohaline"

mass limits on overshooting now only apply to core H burn zones -- thanks to Christian Ritter for reporting this bug.

add control limit_mixing_length_by_dist_to_bdy

add conv_bdy_mix_softening controls

add softened_convective_mixing to mixing types -- for modified D_mix near boundaries

Binary: fix for sync test suite case

add delta_Pg_mode_freq thanks to Ehsan Morvveji and Chris Mankovich

fix bug in diffusion when doing accretion -- thanks to Mike Mont. for pointing out the problem

add accretion_with_diffusion to star test_suite

fix problem in astero -- now use delta_nu_sigma > 0 to decide when to evaluate chi2_delta_nu

add eosDT_ideal_gas_get

add eosDT_HELMEOS_get

add star controls use_eosDT_ideal_gas use_eosDT_HELMEOS eosDT_HELMEOS_include_radiation eosDT_HELMEOS_always_skip_elec_pos

add other_build_initial_model and star control use_other_build_initial_model

add 20M_si_burn_quad_precision test case

add varcontrol_dt_limit_ratio_hard_max to star

fix bug for Z almost 0 in eos

fix trace_history_value_names so can do user-defined history items

change adjust_mass to improve accuracy of species total masses when doing accretion

add atm option 'fixed_surface_TP'; add star controls logP_for_fixed_surface_TP, logT_for_fixed_surface_TP, and Teff_for_fixed_surface_TP

fix ns_he test case

Rob Farmer: changes to add control for limiting time step used for relax_omega.

add change by Rob to pgstar_support to workaround a bug in pgplot for tiny ymax-ymin -- set min dy

add accretion_dump_missing_metals_into_heaviest to &controls and dump_missing_metals_into_heaviest to &star_job

add other_astero_freq_corr

add v_center; relax_v_center

add remove_center_by_radius_cm and remove_initial_center_by_radius_cm

binary: cleanup tides, remove jdot_tide

binary: small fix to for binary_controls.defaults

change pgstar to create output dir for files automatically for "other" plots as well as for standard plots

add other_adjust_mlt_gradT_fraction

fix convection/thermohaline transition in mlt

add other_after_set_mixing_info

add options for surface corrections in star/astero -- thanks to Warrick Ball for providing the code for this

in regions with brunt N^2 < 0, set Richardson number to 1 which turns on shear instabilities DSI and SSI

add data from file as option for profile panels and history panels in pgstar

add flags for pgstar profile panels and history panels to show log of abs value for y variable

add option for extra track on history pgstar plots -- data from file

add option for extra TRho profile in pgstar -- data from file

delete test_suite case pulse and add pulse_adipls & pulse_gyre in its place

add hooks for binary history columns in star

options for history to include values at location of max abs velocity

add timestep controls based on dt_Courant, dt_thermal, dt_dynamic, dt_mass_loss, and acoustic_radius

fixup remove center routines for accuracy wrt q, m, r, L, and v

add KEPLER-style piston; add periodic piston

add hook "edit_gyre_model" called before model data is passed to gyre so user can inspect and modify it

add hooks other_edit_gyre_info and other_edit_pulsation_info

binary : modify roche_lobe scheme so all solutions underfill roche lobe

Extended Kolb mdot to handle eccentric orbits. Sync now considers eccentricity

move eval_Paczynski_gradr from mlt to atm so can build atm before mlt

binary: unify synchronisation and circularisation

patch from Dean for adjust_mass and evolve and controls

support for setting the xaxis in the history panel plots to be any valid history column.

fix bugs with acceleration limited convection velocities

add controls for create initial model -- suggested by Chris Mankovich

Added simplex_chi2_tol option

Allow xaxis in Kippenhahn plots to be star_age

add decay factors for artificial viscosity as fcn of distance from Mach 1 location

add option for conv_vel in saved models so can do acceleration limiting when use as starting model

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