[mesa-users] Correlating time step numbers and profile.data outputs

Josiah Schwab jwschwab at berkeley.edu
Thu Jan 30 12:34:56 EST 2014

Hi Sarafina,

> For example, if I am trying to gather data from timestep 420, does
> this immediately correspond with the profile42.data output? I don't
> think this is correct since timesteps for a run can go +3000 but
> profile.data output ends at 99. How can I check that the timestep and
> profile.data output match up?

Take a look at the file in LOGS called "profiles.index".

For each profile, there is a line in profiles.index giving the model
number, its priority, and its profile number.

So a line in that file like

        425           1          57

means look at profile57.data to find the output from step 425.

The middle number is the priority.  Priority level 2 is for models saved
because of some special event in the evolution such as the onset of
helium burning. Priority level 1 is for models saved because the number
of models since the most recent profile has reached the currently
setting of the profile_interval parameter.

Hope that helps.


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