[mesa-users] Hook in HR when hitting max_age

Radek Smolec smolec at camk.edu.pl
Thu Jan 30 04:09:02 EST 2014


I am also playing with solar calibration, but in a traditional approach,
i.e. I modify Zini,Yini and alpha to match L, R (Teff) and Z/X at
4.57x10^years. I have two questions:

When I use the stopping condition:
 max_age = 4.57d9
the last time step is adjusted to match the desired age. But in HR diagram
it produces an artificial hook - see an example  Figure (magnified at the
end of calculation) and inlist I used. The hook remains there for all the
parameters I tried, sometimes it is smaller, sometimes it is very large.
How can I get rid of it?
(I am using 5819 so there should be no problems to reproduce it!)

Second question, as you see in the inlist I am using A09 mix. But how to do
it consistently?
 There are no lowT opacity tables for A09. There are for A09p (A09 +
Przybilla modifications), while for high temperatures we have a09 only.
Also I have to set the initial_zfracs. Fortunately, these are for both A09
and A09p, but none of the mixes can be used consistently. Has anyone played
with low-temperature opacity tables with A09 and can share the tables? Now
it seems that only with gn93/gs98 and OPAL the fully consistent
calculations can be done (ie., we have gn93/gs98 for high temperature, low
temperature and type-2 OPAL opacities).
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