[mesa-users] Excessive Runtime Terminates Evolution

Josiah Schwab jwschwab at berkeley.edu
Sun Jan 12 12:45:06 EST 2014

Morgan Presley writes:

> As an example, I have attached the inlist and standard error and
> standard out files for a run with initial_mass = 1.0, and
> Reimers_wind_eta = Blocker_wind_eta = 1.0.
> I would greatly appreciate any advice regarding how to run these
> models to completion. Thanks for the help.

The first thing I'd try is to follow the instruction/suggestion in the
inlist you attached and not set max_number_retries.

| ! check for retries and backups as part of test_suite
| ! you can/should delete this for use outside of test_suite
|    max_number_backups = 200
|    max_number_retries = 500

That will at least cause MESA not to terminate until it runs into
serious convergence problems in a single step.

Restart from your last photo and let us know how much farther you get.


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