[mesa-users] GYRE 3.0

Richard Townsend townsend at astro.wisc.edu
Fri Feb 28 20:17:54 EST 2014

Hi folks --

Following Bill’s lead of releasing software today, I’m pleased to announce that version 3.0 of the stand-alone GYRE oscillation code is now available from the GYRE website:


(The GYRE release bundled with MESA will be updated to 3.0 soon).

Features in this release include:

	• New op_type option, CREATE_MIDPOINT, in &shoot_grid and &recon_grid namelists. This places grid points at the midpoints of the input grids. This option is key to producing 'good' eigenfunctions when performing non-adiabatic calculations
	• Renamed the &coeffs namelist to &model, and the coeffs_type parameter to &model_type
	• Added new &constants namelist, to allow overriding of physical constants
	• New output items: f_T, f_g, psi_T and psi_g, being the non-adiabatic coefficients defined by Dupret et al. (2003). These are evaluated at x = x_ref
	• New &osc parameter: x_ref
	• Added xi_r_ref and xi_h_ref output items, which give the displacement eigenfunctions at x = x_ref
	• Added warnings when scan frequency range goes above/below atmospheric cutoffs

…plus plenty of bug fixes and optimizations.

The most important new feature is that well-behaved non-adiabatic eigenfunctions can now be calculated by using a CREATE_MIDPOINT reconstruction grid.



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